Why Join Rituals For Tantra

This is a unique program that will teach you to harness your sexual energy and direct it towards your inner spiritual development. It involves masturbation rituals and explicit Tantric content.
This program is not for everyone, and we do not accept everyone as students. Our ideal student is an open-minded adult male with a high libido seeking spiritual development.

Enlightened Tantra Instructors

Our Mistresses have a deep background of exploration and instruction in the Tantric arts. The Rituals for Tantra program was created by Mistress Savanah based on her own years of experience and research as a Tantric Dominatrix. Each one of her guiding Mistresses was personally trained by her and continues to receive guidance and direction from her. Each student receives their own guiding Mistress, who in turn reports back to Mistress Savanah on the student's progress and potential.

Unique Tantric Content

We create our own Tantra content, which includes videos, pictures, and ebooks. They have all been designed to demonstrate how to perform our Tantra rituals, impart our Tantra wisdom and practices, and arouse your Tantric energy for personal fulfillment. New content is constantly being created and is available to all of our students for their use in our Tantra rituals. Because this content is unique to the Rituals for Tantra program, it should not be used outside of this Tantric practice.

Individually Designed Program

We know that each student is on their own path, and so your guiding Mistress will work directly with you to design a program that fits your unique goals. You will have your own Tantra Journal to record your growth, complete tasks as assigned by your Mistress, and to communicate directly with her to answer your questions and to seek advice and insight.

Freely Offered, Donation Supported

There is no specific charge for participating in this program. Students are chosen based upon their Tantric growth potential and, if they wish to do so, are free to offer whatever they wish for the content and guidance provided by the Rituals for Tantra Mistresses.

Tantra Packs

Tantra Packs are used in performing our rituals.
They should not be used outside of the Rituals for Tantra practice.

Breasts Ch. 2 13 pages

Breast Worship eBook

Filled with images and wisdom, written by Mistress Savanah

FREE for Level 2
or by donation
Breast Worship #4 33 slides

Tantric Breast Images

A Tantric collection of beautiful breast images selected by Mistress Savanah.

FREE for Level 2
or by donation

Mistress Siski

Tantra Guide Mistress Siski reveals her breast for your Tantra Ritual.

FREE for Level 2
or by donation
Breast Worship #1 27 slides

Tantric Goddess Kailyn

Amateur Goddess Kailyn reveals herself for your Tantra Ritual.

FREE for Level 2
or by donation

Tantra Levels

Each Tantra level has a specific focus and builds upon the content covered in the previous level. Higher levels deal with increasingly explicit content and concepts and have more specific ritual requirements.

Level 1: Opening Ritual

Center yourself in preparation for our Tantric journey together.

Level 2: Observe The Feminine

Witness the beauty of the Divine Feminine as it unfolds before you.

Level 3: Touch The Goddess

Experience the Tantric fusion of your mind and body as they connect with the Divine Feminine.

Level 4: Touched By The Mistress

Submit yourself to the will and guidance of the Divine Feminine.

Level 5: Discover The Shadow Side

Embrace the forbidden to reveal shadow mysteries and increase your Tantra awareness.

Level 6: Divine Union

Wrap yourself within the Divine Feminine for the ultimate connection.

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