#2 The Lingam (Penis)

The lingam is from the Sanskrit word for penis. The literal translation is “wand of light” or “wand of the God.” It represents the divine masculine Tantric energies.

#3 Breast Worship

Tantric teachings refer to the breast as a sacred body part, a symbol to Tantric practitioners of the Goddess that gave life to the universe.

#5 Levels

Each of the Tantra levels has a specific focus. Each level builds upon the content covered in the previous level. Higher levels deal with increasingly explicit content and concepts and have more specific ritual components and requirements.

#7 Altars

An altar is a place upon which to focus your energy and intentions and invoke the divine feminine or the divine masculine energies.

#10 Ritual Oil

Infused with Tantric sexual energy and a blend of exotic oils, the Ritual Oil can increase the Tantric sexual energy stimulation you feel.

#13 Masks

Throughout history masks have been used as a way to shield our everyday self while freeing our inner self.