About Tantra

#1 Beginning Your Tantric Journey - Level 1

• To begin your Tantric journey, create a free Level 1 student account and login.

• After logging in your Level 1 assignments will be in your Ritual Journal.

The core purpose of Tantra is to experience healing and awareness through the practice of sacred sexuality.
Rituals for Tantra is a sex-positive, pan-sexual, non-judgmental environment for teaching Tantric sex rituals to men.
What’s unique about this program:

  • While most Tantra programs are focused on couples, mine is focused exclusively on the male.
  • This program teaches you to use your lingam (penis) as the tool to experience an orgasmic connection with Tantric Wisdom and to offer your semen in tribute to the concept of the Divine Feminine.
  • My content is explicit and not intended for minors or those offended by depictions of extreme sexuality.

My Level 1 and Level 2 content is free, but you may consider offering a PayPal donation so that I may continue to create new Tantric rituals and Tantric content.