Mistress Jade

Level 6 Guide - Svelte Goddess
I am a new Tantra Guide. I am grateful that Mistress Savanah has determined that I am ready to guide our Tantra student servants on their journey of Tantric discovery.
I am thin, and although my breasts may be small, my nipples are sensitive and respond to the energy of Tantric touch. I am also blessed with a firm round bottom. I enjoy and deeply appreciate the feelings of Tantric bliss, and look forward to sharing those experiences with our Tantra students.

Contact Mistress Jade

You may contact your Mistress below. Xhamster is best for chatting, but you may email as well.

If you wish to send a tribute or offering, you can do so through PayPal to RitualsForTantraOfferings@gmail.com, but note that tributes are not accepted from Level 1 students. Mistress Savanah manages tributes, so be sure to state the Mistress for whom your tribute is intended. That Mistress will reward you as she sees fit. If you are a Level 2 student or above, you may request custom ritual content.