Mistress Savanah

Queen Mistress
As a Tantric practitioner for over 15 years it’s my role to guide my students on their journey of Tantric exploration.
I am recently returned from a two year journey east and have revised and expanded my Tantric teachings in light of the new wisdom that was revealed to me. I am pleased to welcome new guides to assist me in working with my students. They have allowed me to remove myself from working with lower level students and have allowed me to focus instead on my Level 6 students as well as to continue to expand the Tantric offerings I have on this site. If you are one of my students from the earlier iteration of my site, you may contact my assistants Mistress Siski or jason and request to be reconnected directly with me.
Blessings to you on your own Tantric journey of self-discovery.

Contact Mistress Savanah

You may contact your Mistress below. Xhamster is best for chatting, but you may email as well.

If you wish to send a tribute or offering, you can do so through PayPal to RitualsForTantraOfferings@gmail.com, but note that tributes are not accepted from Level 1 students. Mistress Savanah manages tributes, so be sure to state the Mistress for whom your tribute is intended. That Mistress will reward you as she sees fit. If you are a Level 2 student or above, you may request custom ritual content.