Mistress Siski

Level 7 Guide - Breast Goddess
I am a native of Russia and have recently moved to the United States to work with Mistress Savanah. I met Mistress Savanah on her travels east. I was fascinated by her Tantra philosophy and became her pupil. She has taught me to discover my Tantric energy, and I am pleased to share her wisdom with her students as one of her guides.
I have always been proud of my full breasts and large nipples. Mistress Savanah has taught me how to use my body to assist her students in achieving their own Tantric goals. Through her teachings, I have embraced my role as a Breast Goddess. Although my English is not perfect and I still turn to Mistress Savanah for Tantric guidance, I look forward to nurturing her students in their Tantric growth.

Contact Mistress Siski

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If you wish to send a tribute or offering, you can do so through PayPal to RitualsForTantraOfferings@gmail.com, but note that tributes are not accepted from Level 1 students. Mistress Savanah manages tributes, so be sure to state the Mistress for whom your tribute is intended. That Mistress will reward you as she sees fit. If you are a Level 2 student or above, you may request custom ritual content.