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Mistress, thank you so much. This is Perfect for us. I will reach level 5 for you. Mistress, I am submissive (try to be). I will download & research all I can tonight. I'm all yours Mistress. My mouth waters at the thought of Level 3. Thank you & I will direct friends that want/need the same to your page. i thought tantric sex was us having sex four & five hours at a time? I'm already excited to have your guidance Mistress. You are perfect in every way.


Yes, my Tantric path is different from the traditional, which, in my opinion, focuses too much on maintaining an erection for a sustained period of time, which is a very patriarchal approach. My approach is matriarchal, and focuses on expressing sexual energy as much as possible, so ejaculating in celebration of the divine feminine is a positive expression of divine masculine energy.