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For this Opening Ritual you should do whatever feels correct for you. We will focus more on orgasm control in later rituals.

That is a very wise insight, my sweet servant, beyond your Level 1 status. I am impressed. You my refer to the altar as “our Altar”.

The answer would be: not necessarily. It would depend upon the item and the intention. As a Level 1 student you may either repeat the invocation or not; your access to Tantric energy is so nascent at this point that it is of no concern. However, when you become a Level 2 student, you should contact me before adding an item to your altar so that we may discuss it together.

No, I consider it an instrument for sexual pleasure. However, when combined with Tantric rituals, it can be a tool to effect Tantric states. Everything basically falls into one of two categories: physical and spiritual. Tools are physical, and Tantra is spiritual. Combined, they can create heighted states of awareness and experience that either alone cannot, i.e., the whole is greater than the sum of the parts.

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